Selective Plating Training and Plating Courses


Certified Training and Plating Courses

SIFCO ASC offers the most advanced training programme in the industry.

A structured study of the SIFCO Process® is essential for success. We offer customised training programmes and plating courses designed around your specific applications.

SIFCO Certified Trainers offer a hands-on experience giving your technicians the opportunity to electroplate components and use the plating equipment. Your technicians will learn how to troubleshoot plating applications and accurately plate numerous deposits. All students who successfully complete the SIFCO Process® training programme receive:

  • a SIFCO Process® Certificate of Demonstration
  • an electronic version of the comprehensive SIFCO Process® Instruction Manual
  • all training files for future reference

Training Centers

  • Training programmes are offered at our European Headquarters in Bromsgrove, UK
  • SIFCO Certified Trainers are also available for on-site training programmes worldwide

Available Plating Courses

  • Basic Training
  • Cadmium Certification Training
  • CD Cadmium Recertification
  • Recertification Training

Who Should Attend

SIFCO Process® training is beneficial for operators, engineers, machinists, mechanics, welders and supervisory staff. Those becoming plating technicians will have the attributes of a successful SIFCO Process® operator. Supervisors taking the course will develop a working knowledge of the process and will be able to manage operators and assist as necessary. Additionally, engineers will benefit from the technical aspects of the course.



“Siemens would like to thank the excellent training staff at SIFCO for providing customized and individualised training for our Siemens Energy technicians. Siemens has been working with SIFCO for over 10 years in the application of Silver Plating Processes & Training to meet the electrical needs for the Power Generation Industry.”

Steve Hanchuk, Generator Services Training Coordinator, Siemens