Selective Plating for Prebraze Applications

Selective Plating for Prebraze Applications

Nickel Prebraze

While you may be using cadmium brush plating for AOG repairs, other brush plating applications, such as nickel prebraze, can be used throughout the OEM process.

SIFCO ASC works closely with you to offer practical, cost-effective options for the surface enhancement of your OEM and MRO components. The SIFCO Process® Solutions used for prebraze include AeroNikl® 250 and Nickel Acid Code 2080.

AeroNikl® 250 Nickel Acid Code 2080
 Deposit Structure Dense Dense
Taber Wear 52 mg/1000 cycles 85 mg/1000 cycles
Average Hardness 190 Vikers 360 Vickers
Maximum Thickness 0.015″ 0.005″
Plating Rate 0.035″/hour 0.024″/hour

Selective Plating Prebraze Benefits

  • Increased Brazeability
  • Selective plating for prebraze creates an atomic bond between the nickel deposit and the base metal providing excellent wettability and increasing the brazeability of the component.
  • Meets Major Specifications
  • Selective plating for prebraze meets aerospace specifications AMS 2403, 2424, and 2451 and is approved by Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and others.
  • Adaptable to Component Shape and Size
  • Selective plating, whether manual or automated, is not limited by the part size or shape.
  • Zero Risk of Heat or Part Distortion
  • Selective plating is performed at room temperature, creating no risk of part distortion from extreme temperatures.
  • Approved for Nickel Superalloys
  • Selective plating is the preferred method for the prebraze of Renes and Inconels.
  • Automated Process
  • With an automated process, variances are reduced, increasing quality outcomes and traceability. Technicians are also spared the ergonomic risk associated with the maintaining the anode-to-cathode movement.
Issue SIFCO Process® Shot Blasting
Wettability Lower wetting angles provide excellent brazing filler metal spreading and shortened brazing time. Shot blasting results in greater wetting angles resulting in less efficient brazing filler metal spreading, increasing brazing time.
Adhesion The SIFCO Process® creates an atomic bond and provides excellent adhesion on all metals. Adhesion is not compromised by severe, cyclical temperature fluctuations or by sharp, direct impact. Shot blasting prior to brazing, while increasing fatigue stength, creates a mechanical bond.
Flexibility Selective plating can be used on a wide variety of shapes and sizes of parts; including holes as small as 1/4” in diameter. Shot blasting is typically limited to line-of-sight applications.
Risk of Part Distortion None. Shot blasting poses a risk of distorting shape and dimension depending on the size of the component.
Portability The SIFCO Process® is a portable plating process that can be used in the shop or on-site. Limited to the shop or facility.

Selective Plating for Prebraze

Common Applications of Selective Prebraze

  • Inner and outer stators
  • Seal areas
  • Engine tail pipe pedal component assemblies
  • Turbine frames, sumps, blades and vanes

Email us your plating requirements and potential applications, and your territory manager will be in contact with you shortly.