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Automated Plating Systems

Automated Plating Systems Electroplating Workstation

SIFCO ASC offers automated plating systems that can be easily integrated into your production line.

SIFCO ASC designs customized workstations and automated plating systems to electroplate or anodize localized areas on components. We provide full turnkey solutions that fit seamlessly into your operation to meet OEM production component requirements and deliver improved component supply chain control visibility.

Automating Your Operation

A typical plating system will include one or more preparatory steps prior to the application of the final deposit. Fixturing, masking and motion are determined by the configuration of the part and are engineered to meet your production objectives.

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Sustainable Operations

Compared to a typical tank plating line which requires large volumes of chemicals, selective plating technology significantly reduces the volume of solution and water required. These custom designed, self-contained systems also help minimize environmental and safety concerns within your plant. There is no question that environmental regulatory enforcement is significantly different today than years ago. The terminology alone can be baffling until studied and understood. SIFCO ASC has a thorough knowledge of the regulations which are mainly promulgated by OSHA and the EPA. We also carry a variety of solutions that are sustainable to the environment and operators.

Cadmium Alternatives

  • 4019 TIN-ZINC LHE
  • 5936 TIN-ZINC
  • 4018-5970 ZINC-NICKEL LHE
  • 4021 ZINC-NICKEL

Dichromate Alternatives


Hard Chrome Alternatives


Non-Cyanide Solutions

  • 3084-5870 SILVER NON-CYANIDE

Process automation will bring many benefits to your operation:

Improved Ergonomics & Safety

Relieve workers from ergonomically unfavorable, repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and ensuring consistent quality.

Johnson Technology Automated PreBraze Station

As the leading manufacturer of aircraft engines and engine parts for the aerospace and power generation industries, Johnson Technology, Inc. sought SIFCO ASC’s expertise to fulfill their selective plating needs. Automating the plating process, SIFCO ASC engineers designed a turnkey robotic plating system to perform the functions of the technician.  Not only has the ergonomic risk to the technicians been significantly reduced, component plating process time has also been reduced by 50% – increasing the available capacity. Read the entire case study, to learn more.

Increased Productivity

Automate your plating processes and become more efficient, flexible and adaptable. SIFCO ASC automation is proven to reduce process times and improve production efficiency.

Powell Electrical Systems Inc., Delta/Unibus Division has reduced the process time taken to selectively plate each side of its copper bus bars by 90 percent, saving approximately $100,000 in labor costs, thanks to a unique semi-automated workstation developed by SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), the world’s leading supplier of selective plating technology and solutions. Read the entire case study, to learn more.  

Improved Process Control

Automation provides accurately controlled and consistent deposits with minimal operator involvement. Full component and process traceability can be provided through system data monitoring and reporting capability.

Safran Messier Robotic Installation

For world leading manufacturer of landing gear systems, Safran Landing Systems (formerly Messier-Bugatti-Dowty), ensuring components perform in their demanding operating environments is a constant challenge. Since Safran’s robust manufacturing quality standards required the process to be highly traceable and repeatable, the team recommended automating the SIFCO Process using a collaborative robot. The robot, now fully operational, currently processes 30 bogie beams per month and the team is looking to expand its use into other areas of the company. Read the entire case study, to learn more.

Reduced Turnaround Time

Gain control over your full production process, eliminate shipping costs and scheduling issues associated with using an outside sub-contract plating vendor.

Dual Spindle ID Plating Machine

When SIFCO ASC was approached with an ongoing project to repair the seal areas of an oil well blow out preventer (BOP), we immediately considered automating the operation. The Dual Spindle Vertical ID Plating Machine was designed to plate 2 bores at once, and with custom masking fixtures we were able to reduce set-up and masking time. Now, by plating with the machine, we’ve reduced the processing and turnaround time by 10 DAYS per BOP.