Selective Plating Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support

SIFCO ASC provides unparalleled support throughout your selective plating projects. Rely on the leading R&D and Technical Support staff in the industry..

Our Technical Support staff have over five decades of selective plating and engineering experience. With this level of understanding, our fully staffed Research and Development, Engineering and Technical departments provide guidance from basic technical support to full application development. Our team has expertise in the fields of electrochemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, physical chemistry and environmental health and safety.

We provide support in all aspects of the plating process.

  • Process development
  • Application development
  • Anode design and modelling
  • Development of new deposit alternatives to meet industry’s ever-changing demands
  • Application troubleshooting
  • Thorough solution and deposit quality testing to ensure deposit performance
  • Testing for micro-hardness, salt spray, stereo microscopy and X-ray fluorescence for material composition.