Selective Plating Accreditations

Quality Accreditations

Quality Accreditations

We are committed to providing quality selective plating solutions, services and equipment that meet your precise requirements.

SIFCO ASC and the SIFCO Process® have been instrumental in shaping industries in terms of environmental awareness – using methods, equipment and procedures that meet demanding standards worldwide. As a result, we have helped the surface finishing and processing industry achieve status as a genuinely value-added part of manufacturing and engineering.

Our research and development team continuously strive to achieve better performing products, processes and solutions, enabling customers to optimise their part performance and plating processes. Importantly, this often links directly to minimising hazardous chemical use, which has a clear benefit in both cost and environmental terms.

SIFCO ASC certifies and maintains its Quality Management System to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D.

Quality Policy:
SIFCO ASC is committed to providing surface enhancement services, supplies and training while continuously improving the business processes to ensure customer requirements are satisfied through the Quality Management System.