September 2018

Discover the SIFCO Process of Selective Plating at Surface World Live this September

We will be exhibiting at Surface World Live 2018 from 19th – 20th September, Hall 11, NEC, Birmingham.

The UK’s only event dedicated to surface treatment, coatings and product finishing, Surface World Live offers a mix of insightful seminars and exhibitors representing all elements of the surface finishing industry.

We are excited to be sharing the unique benefits of the SIFCO Process for selective plating with attendees at this year’s exhibition.

A portable, targeted method of enhancing, repairing and refurbishing localised areas on manufactured components, the SIFCO Process is a trusted surface finishing solution for OEMs worldwide.

Visitors to the show will have an opportunity to discuss selective plating with one of our SIFCO ASC Bromsgrove representatives and discover how the process is significantly saving our customers downtime and money for repair and maintenance of worn or damaged components.

Come and visit us on stand T13 in the British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association visitors’ lounge to find out more about how we can help you protect, enhance and optimise the performance of your critical components and equipment.

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July 2018

SIFCO ASC Modernizes R&D Lab

World leading supplier of selective plating technology and solutions, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), part of Norman Hay plc, has completed a substantial refurbishment of its research and development lab in Cleveland, Ohio.

Originally built in 1992, this is first major site renovation, designed to give research engineers a spacious, practical and durable facility in which to conduct vital research and development work.

On a typical day, the lab accommodates scientists, engineers, and technicians who work to develop SIFCO ASC’s fundamental knowledge through exploratory research and development, as well developing and implementing new technologies and providing direct support to customers as well as the company’s manufacturing teams.


Newly renovated lab at SIFCO ASC’s Cleveland, Ohio facility.

Danijela Milosevic-Popovich, Research and Development Project Engineer, comments: “Much of what we do in the R&D lab requires creative thinking, experimentation and innovation; all things which are easier, more enjoyable and ultimately more successful in a modern, spacious and well-equipped laboratory.

Chic Allen, SIFCO ASC’s North American General Manager, states “The renovation will boost team morale and productivity will benefit considerably, which means our customers will reap the rewards of this considerable investment.”

Committed to employee wellbeing and maintaining workspaces which reflect its innovative, state-of-the-art products and services, SIFCO ASC identified the need for a complete modernisation within the R&D department, which included durable, easy to clean flooring, new cabinets, equipment and facilities and a new ceiling with improved lighting throughout the lab.

Danijela concludes: “Work has recommenced in the new lab with a number of customer-specific projects which require considerable innovation and creativity from our R&D engineering team. We are also busy characterizing our existing product offering through depletion testing while continuing to build our knowledge base on coatings like matrix composite plating.”

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SIFCO ASC Talks Automation and Chrome Alternatives at SUR/FIN 2018

Three seasoned industry experts from SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) are sharing their insight on a number of critical industry topics at SUR/FIN 2018 from June 4 – 6, 2018. Subjects covered include alternatives to hard chrome, automation of selective plating, and component restoration for remanufacturing.

The annual conference, this year held at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, allows leading surface technology companies to connect, collaborate and contribute to industry developments. Throughout the event, multiple technical sessions will be held on the topics of automotive, aerospace, technology advancements, sustainability and waste management. SIFCO ASC’s focus will be in Session 7 – Aerospace & Defense: Innovating Performance Advancements and in Session 15 – Plating Efficiency Improvements via Equipment, Automation, Material Advances and Lean.

In Session 7, Danijela Milosevic, R&D Engineer and Project Engineer at SIFCO ASC is delivering a talk titled; “Advancements in Brush Plated Metal Matrix Composites (MMC)”. In her presentation, she will review the developmental research of safer, eco-friendly alternatives to hard chrome plating. Alternatives to chrome in the form of MMC, offer unique and superior characteristics to metal plating solutions including hardness, wear resistance, and oxidation protection at high temperatures. Conference attendees can watch Danijela’s presentation on June 4, from 5:00 – 5:30pm.

The second speaker, Derek Kilgore, Mechanical Design and Project Engineer at SIFCO ASC will talk about meeting productivity demand through automation of selective plating in Session 15. In his presentation, on June 6 from 8:30 – 9:00am, Derek will demonstrate how attendees can achieve consistent quality and process repeatability by incorporating automated selective plating into their process. The presentation will include data, video and imagery of a newly-developed, dual-spindled ID plating machine.

Also, in Session 15, Derek Vanek, Technical Manager at SIFCO ASC will present “Surface Engineering for Sustainable Manufacturing and Remanufacturing” and discuss why surface engineering technologies should be considered in remanufacturing engineering to restore or improve the performance of worn or failed components. During his 30 years at SIFCO ASC, Derek has worked in sales, training, project management, and marketing while publishing work on engineering technologies. Conference attendees can watch Derek’s presentation on June 6 from 12 – 12:30pm.

For over 50 years SIFCO ASC has provided selective electroplating and anodizing services, chemical solutions and equipment, offering automated plating systems that can be easily integrated into any production line. A global leader in the industry, SIFCO ASC hopes to provide a deeper understanding to the challenges that face the industry and innovative ways to overcome them.

For more information visit SIFCO ASC on stand 351 or, to set up a meeting, visit:

*The SIFCO Process® is a unique and portable plating method used to enhance, repair and refurbish localized areas on components.

February 2018

SIFCO ASC Appoints new General Manager in France

SIFCO ASC General Manager Nicolas Baudin

Nicolas Baudin

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) has welcomed a new General Manager to oversee their French operation. Nicolas Baudin brings with him a wealth of experience in R&D Project leadership and joins SIFCO ASC from GreenChem, one of Europe’s largest AdBlue chemical manufacturers and distributors.

Nicolas previously worked for Vallourec for over 10 years, holding various positions including R&D Project leader and Industrialisation Manager. He will be a driving force in maximising new commercial and technical development opportunities for the business.

SIFCO ASC France is a key supplier of Selective electroplating services, chemicals and equipment to the aerospace, power generation, oil & gas and defence industry sectors. The unique SIFCO Process® is used to enhance, repair or refurbish critical components and help reduce downtime. The company is pioneering the use of Robotics and the automation of selective electroplating and recently supplied Safran Landing Systems with a custom designed robotic plating station that provides the traceability and repeatability needed to meet the customer’s manufacturing requirements.

SIFCO ASC’s Group Managing Director, Lee Shelton said, “Nicolas was instrumental in the successful development of the Cleanwell project for Vallourec, creating a totally dry multi-function coating for Oil & Gas pipe threads. He is well known to the technical teams at SIFCO ASC and NHE, our sister company in the UK”

“Customer application R&D projects play a key role in the future growth plans for SIFCO ASC France and with significant engineering project management and R&D experience, Nicolas is an excellent fit with the future direction and goals of the business.”

For more information on SIFCO ASC France, visit:

*The SIFCO ASC Process is a unique and portable plating method used to enhance, repair and refurbish localised areas on components.

January 2018

Exceptional performance of Authorised SIFCO Partner recognised

Surface finishing company TSR, SIFCO ASC Authorised Partner in Poland, has delivered exceptional sales growth in their first twelve months of partnership.

To recognise this performance, Mark Cattle, Group Sales Director SIFCO ASC, awarded Adam Radziszewski, Managing Director TSR, with a Certificate of Performance. The presentation was made during TSR’s recent visit to SIFCO ASC UK and, at the same time, the SIFCO Authorised Partner agreement was renewed and extended for the next 2 years.

Adam Radziszewski, Managing Director, and Malgorzata Kijowski, Marketing Manager, of TSR accepting the Certificate of Performance from Mark Cattle, Group Sales Director, SIFCO ASC

Mark Cattle commented: “We selected TSR as an Authorised Partner due to their technical ability and established contact base in a number of key industries including: oil & gas; power generation; aerospace and advanced engineering. I am delighted that our choice of Authorised Partner for Poland has been vindicated by TSR’s exceptional growth during our first year of partnership, underpinned by high levels of sales and marketing proactivity driven by Adam and by Malgorzata Kijowski, Marketing Manager. I look forward to continued success from our renewed agreement.”

Adam Radziszewski, Managing Director and founder of TSR said: “The SIFCO Process® is renowned and specified across many industries for its ability to enhance, repair or refurbish critical components. We are thrilled to have grown our SIFCO Process® business so rapidly during the first twelve months and I have been delighted with the training and sales support the SIFCO ASC team has provided to help us on our growth path.”

July 2017

Automated selective plating takes off after SIFCO and Safran’s pioneering project

World leader in selective plating, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) has developed the first robotic selective plating station for landing gear for Safran Landing Systems in Gloucester.

Safran Landing SystemsSafran Landing Systems (formerly Messier-Bugatti-Dowty) is a world leading manufacturer of landing gear systems and has a focus on providing solutions which are not only reliable and robust, but increasingly weight efficient and environmentally responsible, providing overall value across an aircraft program.

Safran’s facility in Gloucester has been at the forefront of landing gear technology for over 80 years. Today, the 100,000 m2 site employs around 1,200 people and it’s core competencies include design, research, development, and testing, and systems integration together with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art production capability. It is here that they manufacture the landing gear for a number of the world’s leading commercial aircraft.

Demanding aerospace operating conditions present continual surface finishing challenges for manufacturers. Components need to be able to withstand friction, extreme temperatures and corrosive environments while continuing to operate at optimum levels. For Safran Landing Systems, one particular challenge came in the form of a landing gear bogie beam design.

Landing gear design includes a stop-pad between the bogie beam and vertical part of the component to prevent wear as it is retracted into the fuselage. However, this impact results in potential wear at the interface, with a further risk of atmospheric corrosion. A design modification was agreed involving the application of a nickel chrome electrolytic protective treatment.

SIFCO ASC has partnered Safran on various surface finishing projects for over 20 years including more recent work to increase wear resistance on one of the aircraft’s axles. These projects are carried out using the renowned SIFCO Process® – the leading method of electroplating localized areas on components without the use of an immersion electroplating tank.

Neil Kenyon, Process Group Manager, initially approached SIFCO ASC to investigate the potential of the SIFCO Process® as a solution for the nickel plating application. While it was advised that this could be solved by manually plating a layer of nickel underneath a layer of chrome on the section of the bogie beam affected by corrosion, Safran’s robust manufacturing quality standards required the process to be highly traceable and repeatable. SIFCO ASC’s UK team consulted its French specialist engineering R&D department. Following a full situation analysis, the team recommended the SIFCO Process® should be automated using a collaborative robot in order to adhere to Safran’s robust manufacturing standards. However, this had never been done before and would require significant engineering expertise. In order to achieve the results demanded by the aerospace specifications, the two teams embarked upon a collaborative research project.

Initial work began at the end of 2013. Safran tested the nickel material in its specialist facility under simulated take-off and landing conditions. Once it was confirmed that the material was suitable in early 2014, SIFCO began work on designing the robotic system. During this time, to fast-track the benefits of the SIFCO Process®, the plating was carried out manually.

The robot, now fully operational at Safran Landing System’s Gloucester facility, provides the company with a precise and highly traceable, repeatable and accurate process, well-suited to the hi-tech facility it sits within. The integrated computer logs all of the relevant information including: the parameters plated; the batch numbers for the solution; current densities and solution levels. The fully-automated system also adheres to the company’s health and safety policy as it minimizes human contact with harmful chemicals. It currently processes 30 bogie beams per month and the team is looking to expand its use into other areas of the company.

Consistent plating uniformity has been achieved using this process, standing up to the robustness of the necessary qualification testing.

The SIFCO Process® has since been specified into the manufacturing process of new landing gear to prolong the corrosion protection. It is also being rolled out into Safran Landing System’s Mexico facility where landing gear components are also manufactured.

May 2017

Study reveals industry barriers to phase out cadmium

A new survey from global selective plating company, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) highlights aerospace specifications and prime’s requirements as the main barriers to the phase out of cadmium in the US aerospace industry, and suggests more clarity on the topic is still needed.

In recent years, there has been speculation that the US aerospace industry will phase out cadmium by 2023, however the survey from SIFCO ASC found that only 23% of respondents think they will actually be cadmium free within the next five years. What’s more, just under half of respondents performing corrosion protection touch-ups and repairs do not feel that they have the necessary resources to make an informed decision on a cadmium alternative. When asked why, 100% cited “lack of credible resources and documentation.”

SIFCO ASC provides both Cadmium LHE and Zinc-Nickel LHE touch-up kits to leading OEM and MRO companies in the field, and also works to find suitable alternatives for the future. Even though  decades of research indicates that zinc-nickel can be a reliable alternative to cadmium in the aerospace sector, two thirds of respondents who plate cadmium cite aerospace specifications and prime’s requirements as their biggest barriers to phasing it out.

More than 50% of respondents who plate cadmium believe they have no other option for corrosion protection, as one stated, “We are dependent upon what the [original equipment] manufacturer specifies when it comes to corrosion resistant plating. Until the manufacturer allows alternatives, our hands are tied.” However, Scott Peterson, Training manager at SIFCO ASC, is already heavily involved in bringing a cadmium alternative to the OEM and MRO markets. He said: “What this survey really shows is that there is much hesitation across the industry on this topic. The majority of respondents who don’t think the deadline will be met say the reason is a lack of alternatives, but we believe that this highlights a need for more knowledge sharing and collaboration to provide the level of confidence needed to make the change.”

To aid the industry in sourcing credible, detailed and up-to-date research on cadmium and its alternatives, SIFCO ASC has created an online Cadmium Knowledge Hub where its technical experts will regularly share a variety of content on the topic such as manufacturer testing reports and academic research papers. The site also encourages any other professionals in the industry to submit their own findings in order to help the industry move forward on this issue.

Peterson added: “We are working with a number of leaders in the field and finding that zinc-nickel can even outperform cadmium in some instances. When used with the right conversion coating, the corrosion protection of zinc-nickel is even more impressive. The changes are happening in some areas but the industry needs to come together and share best practices so that cadmium can finally be phased out.”

To visit SIFCO ASC’s Cadmium Knowledge Hub, visit:

April 2017

SIFCO ASC appoints Gruppo Gaser as Italian partner

Global selective plating company, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) is partnering with one of Italy’s leading specialists in the treatment of metal surfaces, Gruppo Gaser, to grow the global footprint of its renowned SIFCO Process®* of selective plating.


With established European businesses in France and Sweden and partnerships in major manufacturing economies such as Germany, Austria, and Benelux, the expansion into Italy, Europe’s second largest manufacturer of engineering and metal goods, was the natural next step for SIFCO ASC.

Gruppo Gaser has five production locations across Italy in Rozzano (MI), Isola Vicentina (VI), Caravaggio (BG), Granarolo dell’Emilia (BO) and San Giuliano Milanese (MI) – all of which will ultimately provide the SIFCO Process®. The main application focus at the outset will be on silver plating and anodising in the power generation and precision engineering industries.

SIFCO ASC has 7 facilities across the world and now has 7 Authorised Partners in Europe, and 24 globally.

As with all SIFCO Authorised Partners, the Gruppo Gaser team is already benefitting from a comprehensive training programme enabling them to identify selective plating applications and deliver a consistent, high quality service to customers. Five of the company’s technical engineers recently visited the UK to complete a full induction programme.

Gianni Franzosi, CEO at Gruppo Gaser commented: “Our engineers found their recent training in the UK extremely valuable and are already identifying opportunities in our current portfolio. We welcome the SIFCO Process® into Italy and look forward to working in partnership with the experienced team at SIFCO ASC.”

Mark Cattle, Group Sales Director at SIFCO ASC added: “Italy is known for its innovation in engineering and every day the SIFCO Process® is providing efficiencies for businesses across the world. With Gruppo Gaser’s established reputation in surface treatment and focus on the power generation and precision engineering sectors in particular, they are the obvious partner for us.”

For more information on SIFCO ASC, visit:

For more information on Gruppo Gaser, visit:

*The SIFCO Process® is a unique and portable plating method used to enhance, repair and refurbish localised areas on components.

October 2016

SIFCO ASC expands into Polish market

polish-releaseGlobal selective plating company, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) has appointed its first Authorised Partner in Poland – surface finishing company, TSR.

The appointment comes as part of a wider strategy to grow SIFCO ASC’s presence across advanced engineering industries in Central Europe.

Mark Cattle, Group Sales Director at SIFCO ASC commented: “Every day we are opening new doors for customers in the manufacturing and engineering industries by showcasing the benefits of the SIFCO Process®*. Poland has a growing advanced manufacturing industry with Dolina Lotnicza (Aviation Valley) in south eastern Poland a perfect example of this trend. With other advanced manufacturing and engineering clusters developing, it makes perfect business sense for us to make the SIFCO Process® directly available. TSR was the obvious choice for us due to its solid reputation as a surface finishing company.”

Warsaw-based TSR was selected as an Authorised Partner due to its technical ability and established contact base in a number of key industries including: oil & gas; power generation; aerospace and advanced engineering.

As with all SIFCO Authorised Partners, the TSR team will benefit from a comprehensive training programme enabling them to identify selective plating applications and deliver a consistent, high quality service to customers.

Adam Radziszewski, founder of TSR said: “The SIFCO Process® is renowned and specified across many industries for its ability to enhance, repair or refurbish critical components so, as you would expect, we are thrilled to become an Authorised Partner for Poland.”

For more information on SIFCO ASC, visit:

*The SIFCO Process® is a unique and portable plating method used to enhance, repair and refurbish localised areas on components.

June 2016

Cleveland-based plating company, SIFCO ASC, builds bikes for local children

DSC_0404 (1)The team at SIFCO Applied Surface Concept’s Cleveland headquarters recently gave up their working day to come together and build bikes for seven local children in need.

As part of a team building exercise, SIFCO employees were grouped into teams and engaged in fun challenges which earned them parts to build the bikes. Once all of the bikes were assembled, the children arrived to personally pick up the bikes – a surprise to all the employees.

The event, known as Wheels for the World, was organized by Team Builders Plus and the children were nominated by the Rockside Church in Independence, Ohio. Johnson (pictured) was thrilled with his bike and said he couldn’t wait to ride it round his block.

Team Builders Plus understands how much of an impact the bikes have on the families. They provide another mode of transportation for the parents as well as enabling the children to take part in a healthy and fun hobby.

Chic Allen, SIFCO ASC general manager, said: “It was awesome to see Johnson’s smile as he tried to decide which bike was going to be his and know our efforts will result in another six underprivileged kids feeling that same sense of joy. I also loved seeing the team’s reaction when they saw their bikes were being handed over to local children. It really made the day worthwhile and brought our team even closer together. Wheels for the World is a great initiative and I would recommend it to any other local business looking to give something back to the community.”

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