Marine Industry


Bearing Journals, and other repairs in the Marine Industry

Our portable plating process can be taken on board ships for in-situ repairs of large, difficult-to-move components such as bearing journals, propeller shafts, bearing seats, and turbine casings.


  • Pumps: bearing housings, impeller bores, shaft bearing journals and seal areas
  • Valves: gates, discs, valve stems, seal rings
  • Propulsion components: propeller (line) shaft journal and seal areas, line shaft bearings, bearing saddles
  • Electrical: motor generator bearing housings, rotor journals, commutators, bus bars
  • Power generation: steam turbine bearing journals, flange faces, diesel engine cylinder liners, connecting rod bores, crankshaft journals
  • Structural: watertight door knife edge sealing areas, hatch covers, hull inserts, access doors
  • Hydraulics: steering gear cylinders and rods